UPDATE: June 12, Stage 2 re-opening

Effective June 12, 2020, many areas of Ontario including Ottawa moved into Stage 2 of the province’s re-opening plan, a stage which includes film and television production.  Please refer to the province’s website for more information on the province’s re-opening plan and which regions are in Stage 2.

The Ministry of Labour Guidelines for the safe return to work in the Film and Television industry are expected to be approved shortly. In the meantime, the province is requiring that “physical distancing must be maintained between all individuals on set whenever possible and must be taken into consideration when organizing the layout of the set.

We expect that all productions will be required to develop Return to Work COVID-19 policies in accordance with the Ministry Guidelines, including the designation of personnel responsible for implementation of the polices. See ACTRA’s Performer Highlights for information on what to look for in a return to work policy. ACTRA will require a copy of the Production Return to Work COVID-19 policy and the contact person responsible before any performer reports for work.