Productions listed on this page have signed agreements with ACTRA. Information listed here is subject to change.

If you are offered a role on a production that is not listed here, please contact ACTRA Ottawa to confirm whether there is an agreement between ACTRA and the Producer. Where an agreement is not in place, ACTRA members may not work on the production.

Please Note: ACTRA IS a union of professional performers. We REPRESENT performers. ACTRA IS NOT an engager. We DO NOT HIRE performers.

Late or missing payments: If you are missing a payment or you believe it may be incorrect, click here for information


The Marriage Pass (MOW) Sept. 25-Oct. 13
NE The Marriage Pass Productions
Casting: Smyth Casting

One More Before We Go (Feature-AIP)
Alain Ross Productions

The Call to the Void(short) (TBC)
14697596 Canada Inc.
Casting: tbc

Falling For Love In Niagara (MOW) TBC
Fireside Pictures
Casting: Brian Levy

Now Shooting

My Husband’s Killer Affair (MOW) Sept. 16-Oct. 1
MHKA ON Films Inc.
Casting: Smyth Casting

Chasing Santa(MOW) Sept. 11-28
Hostage Santa Productions Inc.
BG Casting: Smyth Casting


Love In the Air(MOW) Aug 14-Sept 1
Fireside Pictures

Geek Girl(series) Aug 21-Sept.1
GG Aircraft Productions Inc.

Lina E Luis (AIP-short) (Aug. 5-6)
Luduylla Reis

A Mother’s Secret Daughter(MOW) July 15 – 31
AMSD Films Inc.

Swiss Boarding School Murders (MOW) July 4 – 24
Thriller One (FS) ON Films In

Exonerated(MOW) June 7 – 27
Exonerated Production (Ontario) Inc.

Art of Christmas (MOW) June 12 – 29
NE Art of Christmas Productions Inc.

A Christmas Homecoming (MOW) May 7 – 26
Homecoming Productions Inc

Head Over Heals (MOW) May 31 – June 17
Fireside (HEEL) Films Inc.

Untitled Heidi Broussard Story(MOW) May 29 – June 16
NE Broussard Story Productions Inc.

Gnome for Christmas (MOW) Apr. 25 – May 13
NE Gnome For Christmas Productions Inc

The Mary Bailey Story (MOW) Apr. 20 – May 12
MB (Ontario) Film Inc.

Double Quince (MOW) Apr. 12 – May 3
Double Quince Productions (Ontario) Inc. (1 Department / MUSE)

Yes! Chef Christmas(MOW) Apr. 17 – May 5
Fireside (Chef) Films Inc. Inc

Christmas Revisited (MOW) March 27 – Apr. 14
NE Christmas Revisited Productions Inc.

Winter Castle Royal Romance(MOW) March 6 – 24
Fireside (IH3) Films Inc.

Platonic (MOW) Jan. 23 – Feb. 13
NE Platonic Productions Inc.

Laughing All the Way (MOW) January 16 – February 3
Fireside (Laughing) Films Inc.