Working with ACTRA on low budget productions is easier and less expensive than you think!

Working with ACTRA isn’t expensive or complicated. We have agreements for all types of productions at all budget levels. ACTRA has the talent and experience to get the job done right. We want you to have a great production and we’ll help you get it. We’ll make working with ACTRA easy.

Member Initiated Production (MIP)

The MIP is designed to stimulate the desire of ACTRA members to come together and create original works without having the financial resources to pay established daily fees to performers. It is also intended to encourage ACTRA members to advance their skills as actors and allow them to develop their skills in other key creative areas.

Under this program, the role of the ‘producer’ is played by the partnership that is created by the members who come together. ACTRA’s role – through ACTRA PRS – is to represent performers’ interests in the commercial exploitation of the project in the market place.

ACTRA Indie Production (AIP)

The AIP Program was designed to facilitate non-commercial, low-budget productions (under C$250,000) as set out in the AIP Guidelines. The AIP is ideal for low-budget shorts and super low-budget features. The agreement is based on the Independent Production Agreement (IPA) with reduced rates and fees.

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