A Quick Reference Guide

Green Voucher – replaced other coloured vouchers which were phased out in 2021

White (cash) Voucher  – Non-members paid cash (not part of daily ACTRA minimum)

There are different payment calculations for full member and apprentice and non-members.  Anyone who is not a full member needs a permit paid on their behalf, hence “permittee”.

It is important for the accounting department that the information on the vouchers is filled in CLEARLY so that they can read it.  If the name, address or SIN isn’t clear, they can’t issue or mail out the cheque. It’s a good idea for performers to always include the phone number and e-mail address as well.

ACTRA members must complete a GREEN voucher. 
All members should have a membership card with their number on it – if not the accounting department or ACTRA can look it up.  

Full member numbers look like this: 05-12345 Apprentice numbers look like this: AM-12345

ACTRA Additional Background Performers (AABP) complete a GREEN voucher if Preference of engagement has been met, otherwise a WHITE voucher.   AABP member numbers look like this: EX-054321

NEW: The big change on the green voucher is the the top left box where you mark the appropriate checkbox to indicate your ACTRA membership category (Full Member, Apprentice, AABP) or Permittee status. White vouchers remain unchanged.

The IPA requires that ACTRA members are given “preference of engagement”.  In other words, members of ACTRA must be offered work before non-members of ACTRA. 

ACTRA Members, followed by Apprentices and then AABP must be given preference of engagement and a voucher.  The first 13 in Ottawa (fewer on low-budget/CIPIP) people hired as general background performers and SSE background performers must work on voucher regardless of whether they are members or not.  All photo doubles and stand-ins must work on voucher.

ACTRA members and apprentice members must be given a Green voucher.  The first set number of people hired as general background performers and special skills background performers must work on voucher regardless of whether they are members or not.  All photo doubles and stand-ins must work on voucher.

What’s on The Voucher?

“Date”   The day the performer is actually working.

“Call Time”  The time production has asked the performer to show up.

“Travel To” Where you would fill in how long a performer traveled, if you are either transporting them to a distant location or having them travel to a distant location.  A distant location is one that is more than 40 km outside of city centre.

“Make-up/Wardrobe Call” The time the performer spends in hair, make-up and wardrobe.  We need this information because it can change how the performer gets paid. 

“Set Call” The time that the performers actually get called to come to the set.  This information will not affect the payment, but please fill it in regardless.

“Meal”  What time did the performer have lunch?  There are two boxes for meals– in case there is a second one.

“Wrap Time” The time the performer is actually ready to walk off the set.  All performers should be out of make-up and costume before they sign out.

“Travel From” The time spent travelling from the location back to the city.

“Mileage” Filled in if the performer has taken their own car to a distant location.

“Agree” or “Disagree”.  The performer must check off and initial either “agree” or “disagree”.  This allows us to know immediately if the performer’s day, as recorded on the voucher, is correct or not.

“Date of Wardrobe Fitting” is where you indicate that a performer had a fitting on a previous day.

“Category” is where you indicate if someone was a Background Performer, Special Skills Background Performer, Stand-in or Photo Double.  Since the rates are different for these categories, this must be filled in correctly.

“Wardrobe – Specialty/Regular” The type and number of changes determines if additional payment is required.

“Specialty Item/Car” The provision of a specialty item (musical instrument, sports equipment etc.) or a car, requires additional payment.

“Upgrade” is where you indicate if a performer was upgraded to a different category of performance.  If a performer is upgraded to an Actor role, then they must also sign a long-form contract.

For complete terms, conditions, rates and fees, refer to the Independent Production Agreement (IPA) or contact: ACTRAOttawa

More Info: Tips for Background Performers